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MIT Independent Activities Period Lecture

Friday, Jan 24, 2020, 2PM

MIT Building 24, Room 615.

Near Vassar St, Cambridge, MA, between Mass Ave and Main St.

2020 is looking to be even more contentious than 2019. The US with impeachment during a presidential election year, UK with Brexit, Australia burning up, and its only January.

Rather than present our long list of solutions, we (Lieberman and Fry),

will challenge the attendees to come up with the most important,

most difficult problems to solve. Come and bring your nastiest,

social, technical, environmental, you-name-it issues facing humanity

today (and perhaps FOREVER).

Put us on the spot to come up with solutions that are

technically doable, economically viable, politically deployable and,

unlike nearly all proposed solutions,

comprehensive enough to actually SOLVE the problems.

We'll reveal clues on how you can stop being part of

the problem and become part of the solution.

Everyone welcome, The more diverse, the better.

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